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Complaint information and data

There are a number of ways to look up complaint information for companies and individuals regulated by the Division of Financial Regulation.

Search our administrative orders to see what regulatory actions the division has taken against regulated professionals and companies.

Complaint Casework Summary

Division of Financial Regulation consumer complaints received across financial and insurance program areas, for the following years:

Financial service providers

To search for complaints and licensing information about mortgage lenders, loan originators, and other finance service professionals and companies, visit the NMLS Consumer Access portal.

Investment brokers

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FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) oversees the people and firms that sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities. This will allows you to search your current or prospective broker’s name to see employment history, certifications, and licenses. It also includes information about regulatory actions, violations or complaints you might want to know about. You also can get information about your broker’s firm.

Insurance industry

Complaint compare search tool

Use our complaint comparison tool to check complaint history for Insurers by selecting the type of insurance from the list, then selecting Insurers of interest to compare.

Complaint compare search tool

​​ Complaint data  (all insurers)

Below is a list of complaints Oregon consumers filed by type in the following years:

​​​​​​​​Questions or complaints?

File a complaint online or contact us:

Consumer Hotline
888-877-4894 (toll-free)


Financial services


Securities and investments



​​​​​Check a license

Always verify that the company or individual you are working with has a license.

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