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After you file a complaint

Most complaints resolved within 60 days

We handle complaints about several insurance and financial services companies and providers. This includes, state chartered banks, credit unions, payday and title lenders, mortgage lenders, loan originators, finance service professionals, and most lines of insurance such as auto, homeowner, health, life, annuities, long-term care, and even pet.

Once we receive a complaint, an advocate will:

  • Let you know in writing that we received your complaint
  • Send a copy of your complaint to the insurance company, agent, or both
  • Obtain a detailed response from the company, agent, or both
  • Analyze the response and any supporting documents (the company or agent must respond within three weeks)
  • Determine whether more information is needed or there is a possible violation
  • Advise you of our findings

How long will it take?

Most complaints are resolved within 60 days but it depends on the type of complaint. Sometimes it is just a few days or weeks.

What can the division do?

We can:

  • Educate you about your rights.
  • Resolve issues before they lead to further harm.
  • Fine companies or agents that break the law or revoke their licenses.
  • Tell you whether a company or agent is licensed in Oregon.
  • Educate you about a company's complaint history and its financial soundness.
  • Detect areas of that law that need to changed.

Results vary from providing information to getting a claim paid. Consumers who are unhappy with the results we obtain may want to contact an attorney.

We cannot:

  • Act as your attorney.
  • Recommend an insurance company or agent.
  • Force a company to pay claims, to cover a medical procedure, or to refund premiums if the company is following the law and its insurance contract.
  • Resolve issues outside our jurisdiction. For example, the issue might be who is at fault or how much should be paid as a result of a car accident. We will make sure the insurance companies follow the law and you know your rights and options. However, the court system determines fault and damages rest with the court system.


Your identity and any personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) will remain confidential subject to state and federal laws. However, in order to help resolve your complaint, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the appropriate insurance company/agent for a response.

In an effort to promote transparency, we also publish non-personal complaint information in our complaint data base. Please be aware that the narrative description of complaints regarding unfair claims settlement practices may be part of the public record; however, any PII or PHI will never be disclosed.