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Your identity and any personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) will remain confidential subject to state and federal laws. However, in order to help resolve your complaint, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the appropriate company/agent for a response.

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Complaint forms

If you have problems with a company or individual in the finance and insurance industries, complete a complaint form so we can look into the situation.

We are not attorneys and cannot act as your legal representative. However, we can determine whether the company or agent is following all Oregon laws and rules.

For insurance help, or financial services help, call 888-877-4894 (toll-free).

​English: Electronic (submit online) Print (mail or fax) PDF

Español: Versión electrónica Versión para imprimir PDF​​​​

​English: File a complaint Print (mail or fax) PDF

Español: Versión electrónica Versión para imprimir PDF​​

​​​File a complaint​

​​​​​​​​​​Notify us about an increase in the cost of a prescription drug by completing the online form or contacting us. You can also get the form in another language.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager complaint form: Word | PDF.

Note: This form is only for use by a pharmacy or its representative and is only for complaints pertaining to Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) issues, including appeals of MAC payment amounts.

Consumers should use the above “Insurance Complaint Form” to submit a complaint about a PBM.

You may e-mail the completed form and any accompanying information to​​

Securities Industry Suspected Financial Exploitation Reporting Form

Please Note: This form is for use by Qualified Individuals who are Securities Industry Professionals in fulfilling their mandatory reporting in cases where they reasonably suspect financial exploitation of a vulnerable person as defined by ORS 124.100 has occurred, is occurring, or will occur.

Qualified Individuals are defined as broker-dealer sales persons, investment advisor representatives, and persons who serve in a supervisory, compliance, or legal capacity for a broker-dealer or state investment advisory firm. If you are not a “qualified individual” within the meaning of 2017 Oregon Laws Chapter 514 and wish to report suspected financial exploitation call: 1-855-503-SAFE (7233)​​

What happens once I file a complaint

Most complaints are resolved within 60 days, but it depends on the type of complaint. You can learn more at Once you file a complaint.

Look up complaint information

Find information about regulatory actions, violations, and complaints that others have filed against financial service providers, investment brokers, and insurance companies.

​​​​​​​​Questions or complaints?

File a complaint online or contact us:

Consumer Hotline
888-877-4894 (toll-free)


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​​​​​Check a license

Always verify that the company or individual you are working with has a license.

Check a license now.

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