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Producer licensing


These instructions apply to resident agents. Nonresidents apply at A letter of certification is required if you are not listed on the NAIC Producer Database or the license shows as inactive.

To apply as a resident agent
  • Complete 20 hours prelicense training, per line of authority.
  • Schedule and pass the required examinations. See PSI's website for information.
  • Have your fingerprints digitally scanned  at a PSI testing center located in Oregon.
  • In Oregon, all lines of authority are on one license. If you apply for a second “license” before the original license is issued, your second application will fail. For example PC and LH are all on the same license. If a student applies for a PC license first they should wait until that license is issued THEN apply to add LH. Or wait until they pass all the exams and apply for all four lines at the same time. After you pass all your exams for all license classes of interest, apply online at

You must supply business and residence phone numbers on the application. If these are the same number, put that number in both fields to continue.


The business entity (agency) also must file an Affiliation of Producer within 30 days of hire and remove affiliation within 30 days of termination of employment.

Adding lines of authority

An additional application and fees are required to add classes of insurance to an existing license. However, an additional background check is not required to add lines of authority to an existing active license. Additional lines can be added at

Agent transfers from another state

Transferring agents cannot apply online. Contact us at We will email an application with instructions.

If you apply within 90 days of establishing residency in Oregon, no exam or prelicense training is required for the lines you were licensed for in the previous home state.

  • Adjusters transferring into Oregon will need to take the Oregon adjuster exam.
  • Applicants for variable life must be licensed as a securities broker-dealer in Oregon.
  • For business entities that are licensed in Oregon, the company must identify all owners with 10% or more interest in the company as well as the partners, officers and directors of the company. We call these roles “designations.” In addition to the initial reporting, the company needs to keep the information about their designations up to date as changes are made. Report changes via email to, by fax to 503-378-4351 or by mail to DFR Licensing, PO Box 14480, Salem, OR 97301. There is no set form for the report. When reporting updates to designations involving people, please include the licensed company’s name and license number so that we can find the correct company to enter the changes on, as well as the full list of owners, partners, officers or director’s name, the designation, and the start date if the designation is being added or the termination date if it’s being removed. If the designation is for ownership, also include the percent of ownership. When reporting an update to ownership by another company, please include the licensed company’s name and license number as well as the name of the business owning the licensee, that owning company’s FEIN, the percentage the company owns and the start date for a new owner or the termination date if it no longer has ownership in the company. As a best practice, we suggest that the company include the complete list of owners, partners, officers or directors so that we can confirm that our records are completely accurate as we make the change.

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