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Fingerprint and background information

Fingerprint information

The Oregon Insurance Division conducts fingerprint-based background checks and fitness determinations on all applicants for a resident license. Fingerprints must be taken at an Oregon PSI test center.

Oregon PSI test centers

PSI digitally captures and transmit the fingerprints to the Oregon State Police and FBI for a criminal records check. Fingerprinting is not required for resident licensees adding a line of authority to an existing license.

Background check

  • Resident and non-resident applicants with criminal convictions should consult the rule on fitness determination for guidance on convictions.
  • The rules describe the crimes relevant to a fitness determination, and set a timeline for when these crimes can be considered when evaluating an application.
  • A criminal conviction does not automatically disqualify a person from getting a license. The Division of Financial Regulation determines this on a case-by-case basis after evaluating many factors.
  • Certain crimes involving dishonesty or breach of trust require a 1033 waiver from our office to participate in the insurance industry.

1033 waiver information

  • The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act 18 U.S.C. §§ 1033 prohibits certain activities by or affecting people engaged, or proposing to become engaged, in the business of insurance.
  • People convicted of certain crimes involving dishonesty or breach of trust must obtain the written consent of the Division of Financial Regulation to work in the insurance industry in Oregon.
  • Any individual who has been convicted of any criminal felony involving dishonesty or a breach of trust, or who has been convicted of an offense under this section, and who willfully engages in the business of insurance whose activities affect interstate commerce or participates in such business, will be fined as provided in this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

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