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Rulemaking advisory committees (RAC)

Advisory committees

Advisory committee meetings are open to the public. Due to time limitations and to ensure that public comments are correctly recorded, individuals are strongly encouraged to submit public comments in writing via email to

Current committees

Mental health parity (HB 3046) RAC

Rulemaking on mental health parity specifically for HB 3046 enacted during the 2021 Legislative Session

Thurs, Aug. 26, 2021 (Video)
Fri, Sept. 10, 2021 (Video)
Thurs, Sept. 23, 2021 (Video)
Thurs, Sept. 30, 2021 (Video)
Tues, Dec. 7, 2021 (Video)
Thurs, Jan. 20, 2022 


Cassie Soucy
Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 503-983-3895

Lisa Emerson
Senior Health Insurance Programs Analyst
Phone: 971-719-6164

Karen Winkel
Rules Coordinator
Phone: 503-947-7694

Licensing of pharmaceutical representatives (SB 763) RAC

This rule provides that a person may not engage in business as pharmaceutical representative without obtaining a license from the director of DCBS

Tues, Oct. 5 2021 (Video)
Tues, Oct. 26, 2021 (Video)
Tues, Nov. 16, 2021 (Video)
Tues, Jan. 18, 2022


Numi Lee Griffith
Senior Policy Adviser
Phone: 503-428-4723

Karen Winkel
Rules Coordinator
Phone: 503-947-7694

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