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Finance and securities regulation

REPEAL TEMP RULES: OAR 441-840-0010(T), 441-840-0020(T), 441-840-0030(T), 441-840-0040(T), 441-840-0050(T), 441-840-0060(T), 441-840-0070(T), 441-840-0080(T), 441-840-0090(T)

ADOPTED RULES: OAR 441-840-0010, 441-840-0020, 441-840-0030, 441-840-0040, 441-840-0050, 441-840-0060, 441-840-0070, 441-840-0080, 441-840-0090

RULE SUMMARY: HB 2052 (2023) requires a data broker to register with the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) prior to collecting and selling or licensing brokered personal data to another person. The purpose of this rulemaking is to effectuate a program to prevent data brokers from collecting and selling or licensing personal data of Oregonians without registration. The registration program will provide Oregonians with important information about what data brokers might have their data, and how they can opt-out of the sale or request deletion of their data.

FILED: 5/21/2024

EFFECTIVE: 05/28/2024


​​Rules affected: OAR 441-135-0020

Rules summary: OAR 441-135-0020(1)(e)(E) and 441-135-0020(4)(c) are deleted from the current version of the rule to permit the use of professional designations or certifications unless they falsely indicate or imply that the person has special certification or training, in connection with the offer, sale or purchase of securities, or the provision of advice as to the value of or the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities, directly or indirectly, or through a publication or writing, or by issuing or disseminating analyses or reports relating to securities.

Filed: 02/26/2024

Effective: 03/01/2024


Prescription Drug Afforability Board (PDAB)

Adopt: 925-200-0010

Rule Summary: The methodology for the Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) to select a subset of prescription drugs to prioritize for an affordability review.

Adopt: 925-200-0020

Rule Summary: The process for the Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) to conduct an affordability review on a prioritized subset of prescription drugs.

Filed: 7/28/2023

Effective: 8/1/2023

  Permanent Administrative Rule​ 
  Hearing Officer’s Report

Insurance regulation

​​AMEND: OAR 836-053-0473

RULE SUMMARY: This rule describes the materials that must be filed by an insurer as part of a rate filing for small group and individual health benefit plans. The amendment removes the language related to annual reporting by insurers for the Drug Price Transparency program.

​​ADOPT: OAR 836-053-1630

RULE SUMMARY: This rule restates the language removed from OAR 836-053-0473 with slight modification to reflect the expanded reporting requirements. This rule describes the information that must be submitted by insurers annually to the Drug Price Transparency program.

FILED: 4/29/24

EFFECTIVE DATE: 05/01/2024

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​


​​​ADOPT: OAR 836-080-0245

RULE SUMMARY: Compliance with ORS 742.053 and reference to the DFR website for a model form used to attest the total loss of contents of a residence after a major disaster.

FILED: 12/28/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024

Permanent Administrative Order​ 
​Model Attestation for Personal Property Loss Coverage Payment (440-5913)


​AMEND: OAR 836-150-0040

RULE SUMMARY: The current rule defines payment parameters for ORP for claims incurred during plan years 2018-2023. The amended rule will include payment parameters for plan year 2024 (attachment point of $95,000; reinsurance cap of $1,000,000; and coinsurance rate of 50%), while deleting the provisions related to plan years 2018 and 2019.

FILED: 12/21/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​

​​RULES AFFECTED: OAR 836-051-0905, 836-080-0170, 836-080-0172, 836-080-0175, 836-080-0178, 836-080-0180, 836-080-0183, 836-080-0185, 836-080-0188, 836-080-0190, 836-080-0193

RULE SUMMARY: 2023 Senate Bill 536 (SB 536) was adopted during the 2023 Legislative Session and establishes disclosure and care obligations for sales of annuities to prospective purchasers. SB 536 closely aligns with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) updated Model Law #275 - Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. SB 536 supersedes existing rule language pertaining to annuity product suitability. Additionally, rulemaking is required to effectuate certain components of the bill, including adopting forms that are the same or similar to NAIC Model Law #275:

  • Insurance Agent (Producer) Disclosure for Annuities,
  • Consumer Refusal to Provide Information, and
  • Consumer Decision to Purchase an Annuity Not Based on a Recommendation.

FILED: 12/20/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024 through 06/28/2024

DOCUMENTS: Temporary Administrative Order​


​ADOPT: OAR 836-053-0028

RULE SUMMARY: Insurers must assign enrollees who are residents of the state of Oregon to an individual or group of individuals who are "primary care providers" in a specified hierarchal order.

FILED: 12/19/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​


​ADOPT: OAR 836-053-0027

RULE SUMMARY: Allow for copayment on primary care visits.

FILED: 12/19/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​


​AMEND: OAR 836-052-1000

RULE SUMMARY: Establishes list of prosthetic and orthotic devices; prohibits internal or separate limits or caps on prosthetic and orthotic devices, other than the lifetime policy maximum, when permitted by law; defines when coverage for prosthetic and orthotic device is provided through a managed care organization.

FILED: 12/18/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/01/2024

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​


AMEND: OAR 836-042-0045

RULE SUMMARY: Amended because NCCI made two revisions to the Statistical Plan: NCCI rolled back its COVID-era suspension of Oregon’s field audit requirements and NCCI removed the exclusion of COVID-19 claims from each insurer’s experience rating.

FILED: 10/20/2023


DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​

AMEND: 836-053-0013

RULE SUMMARY: Amended to update 2024 Standard Bronze and Silver Plans.

FILED: 08/30/2023

EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/01/2023

DOCUMENTS: Permanent Administrative Order​

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