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Active bulletins

2019-1: Use of Corporate and Assumed Business Names by Insurers

2018-8: Implementation of Hearing Aid and Hearing Assistive Technology Legislation, 2018 House Bill 4104

2018-7: Regulation of Association Health Plans in Oregon

2018-3: Automobile Insurance Policy Rating for Persons of Non-Specified Gender

2018-2: Implementation of Balance Billing Legislation, 2017 HB 2339 and 2018 SB 1549

2018-1: Accepting Pharmacy or Medical Billings for Vaccinations

2017-7: Special enrollment period for individuals losing minimum essential coverage due to plan discontinuation

2017-6: Guidance for Health Insurance Premium Assessment (updated: 12/1/17)

2017-4: Clarifying Coverage for Marijuana Items and Activities

2017-3: Withdrawal of Insurance Division Bulletin 2011-1

2017-2: Producer Compensation for Health Benefit Plans

2017-1: Contraceptive Extended Dispensing Mandate Administration
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2017-01

2016-2: Exceptions To The Requirement To Present A Pawn Ticket For Pledge Redemption
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2016-02

2016-1: Nondiscrimination Related to Transgender Persons in the Transaction of Insurance in Oregon
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2016-01

2015-2: Life Discretionary Groups

2015-1: Filing procedures for compliance with the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015

2014-3: Filing requirements for long-term care premium rate increases

2014-2: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

2014-1: Mental Health Parity

2013-4: Permissible use of lapse in insurance coverage as a rating factor – Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 742.449

2013-3: Association Coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

2013-1: Coverage Effective Periods for Non-Grandfathered Individual Health Benefit Plans in Oregon

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