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Active bulletins

2020-14: Providing assistance to debtors affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

2020-13: COVID-19 pandemic and pawnbrokers

2020-12: Implementation of 60-day advance notice of specified prescription drug price increases as required by 2019 House Bill 2658
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-12

2020-11: Rate reductions and rebates to auto insurance policyholders

2020-10: Payments to employees of businesses closed due to pandemics to be excluded from workers’ compensation premium basis

2020-9: Rerating businesses that have changed operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and suspension of field audits

2020-8: Guidance regarding personal automobile policies

2020-7: Providing assistance to borrowers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

2020-6 (Revised): Temporarily Working From Home

2020-5: Withdrawal of Oregon Insurance Division Bulletin INS 2010-01s

2020-4: Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Related to the Use Of Virtual Claim Adjustment Systems and Mobile Applications
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-4

2020-3: Premium Assessments under HB 2010 (2019)

2020-2: Title companies offering continuing education classes in compliance with OAR 836-0800305 to 836-080-0370
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-2

2020-1: Arbitration Clauses, Choice of Law, and Choice of Venue Provisions in Insurance Policies
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-1

2019-1: Use of Corporate and Assumed Business Names by Insurers

2018-8: Implementation of Hearing Aid and Hearing Assistive Technology Legislation, 2018 House Bill 4104

2018-7: Regulation of Association Health Plans in Oregon

2018-3: Automobile Insurance Policy Rating for Persons of Non-Specified Gender

2018-2: Implementation of Balance Billing Legislation, 2017 HB 2339 and 2018 SB 1549

2018-1: Accepting Pharmacy or Medical Billings for Vaccinations

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