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Student health

Filing requirements

  1. NAIC TransmittalForm, instructions, and Product Code matrices for completing transmittal forms
  2. Instructions for the Filing Description on the Transmittal (cover letter)
  3. Certificate of Compliance: Word | PDF
  4. Product standards:
    • for nonmajor medical plans: Word | PDF
    • for major medical plans: Word | PDF
  5. Readability Certification

Changes in federal law have modified the Student Health Benefit Plan program in the state of Oregon. These products are now considered individual major medical and are subject to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Oregon is in the process of updating our published guidance to comply. For current filings, please complete the ACA Individual major medical product standards (440-3146) and note the correct TOI (H22) and the nature of the filing on the first page of the product standards.

For questions, please contact Rick Barry at 503-947-7255