Filing requirements

  1. NAIC Transmittal Form, instructions, and Product Code matrices for completing transmittal forms
  2. Instructions for the Filing Description on the Transmittal (cover letter)
  3. Certificate of Compliance: Word,   PDF
  4. Product standards for policies issued prior to June 2010: Word,   PDF
    Product standards for 2010 policies: Word,   PDF
  5. Readability Certification
  6. Appendix A with Actuarial Memorandum: Word,   PDF

Annual Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation Report

Insurers that offer Medicare Supplement policies are required under OAR 836-052-0145(2)(a) to submit a Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation Report by May 31 each year. The reports should not be submitted via SERFF.

The division offers electronic submission if the following guidelines are followed:

  • Reports will be submitted via email to
  • Secure emails requiring a password for us to access the email will not be accepted.
  • Reports should be in .pdf format. We cannot accept .zip files.
  • No one pdf should be over 3MB.
  • All .pdf's should be compressed for size.
  • Reports should be separated by type.
    • Individual and group must be separate.
    • Pre-Standard plans are separate from all others.
    • For 1990 and 2010 plans, separate by plan, but pool each 1990 plan with its corresponding 2010 plan:
      • Plan A
      • Plan B
      • Plan C
      • But pool F high deductible with regular F plan.
      • Also pool J high deductible with regular J plan.

Any questions can be directed to Elizabeth McMahon at 503-947-7001 or