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Consumer advocacy

Consumer Advocacy handles complaints and questions from Oregon consumers who are experiencing difficulties with entities regulated by the division. Advocates use their extensive industry knowledge to analyze and resolve complex issues. Consumers sometimes bring issues that are outside of DFR regulation; Consumer Advocacy is often able to refer them to the appropriate regulator.

In 2022 the team handled 4.392 complaints, 13,835 phone calls and e-mails. $8,633,345 in benefits was recovered* for Oregon consumers.

Consumer Advocacy focuses on getting results for individual consumers but also serves as the front line for observing and documenting industry behavior. If the advocate determines there is a violation of the law or questionable business practice, the complaint file is referred to Market Regulation, Investigations, or Enforcement.

888-877-4894 (toll-free)

Insurance email:

Financial services email:

Hours of operation:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

350 Winter Street NE
P.O. Box 14480
Salem, OR 97309-0405


Collection Agencies435
Consumer Finance131711
Credit Services  1  
Credit Union363335
Debt Buyer
Debt Management Service Providers16355
Endowment Care Cemeteries  1  
Identity Theft/Data Breach     
Insurance 745 728 823725784
Licensing    2
Manufactured Structure Dealer  3 2  2
Money Transmitters 17 20 322216
Mortgage Banker/Broker 9 16 91415
Mortgage Servicer 58 45 784546
Other    3 2
Pawn Broker   2 22
Payday Loans 1 1 4 3 
Securities 16 13 191511
Student Loan 5 16 1041
Title Loans     2
Unregulated - All Other 27 36 383454
Unregulated - Banking141412 1527
Unregulated - Credit Unions353 35
Unregulated - Insurance148173188176194
Unregulated - Securities     2
Unregulated - Student Loan     1
 $2,615,975$1,636,703$2,525,080 $2,139,879$1,862,693

*Financial benefit, reported as a monetary amount, DFR is able to achieve for consumers and businesses through a process other than an administrative action that results in an enforcement order.

Insurance industry

Complaint compare search tool

Use our complaint comparison tool to check complaint history for Insurers by selecting the type of insurance from the list, then selecting Insurers of interest to compare.

Complaint compare search tool

​​ Complaint data  (all insurers)

Below is a list of complaints Oregon consumers filed by type in the following years: