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Wrap-up filings

What it is and how to make a filing in Oregon

A wrap-up can be written to provide the Commercial General Liability (CGL) and/or Workers Compensation and Employer's Liability (WC) coverage for a qualifying "project" as defined in ORS 737.602 (1) (a). The project value must exceed $90 million and meet all of the statutory requirements outlined in ORS 737.602 and ORS 737.604.

Wrap-up (CCIP or OCIP) Statutes

List of Active Wrap-Up Projects
(updated periodically)

For wrap-up questions or filing assistance:

Jan Vitus, Analyst
(503) 947 7278

Oregon requires a wrap-up filing be made and approved by the Director prior to the "project" start. The wrap-submission will have two parts: (1) a paper binder of all required materials; and, (2) an email with each of the required elements attached as a separate Word document or PDF – no .ZIP files.

Detailed filing instructions

The insurance company can be different for the CGL policy and for the WC policy. The project sponsor will either be an Owner Controlled Insurance Project (OCIP); or, a Contractor Controlled Insurance Project (CCIP) – see definitions in ORS 737.602 (2)and (3).

A "mini-wrap" Commercial General Liability policy can be issued for a project valued at less than $90 million as long as it meets the requirements outlined in ORS 737.600 (3) (f) or (h).

Mini-Wrap instructions

A Workers Compensation wrap-up policy cannot be written for a project valued at less than $90 million.

Each insurer for the wrap-up "project" will need to provide a red-lined Trust Agreement [there are two templates linked to this site – one for a "project" whose deposit fund amount is up to $150,000; and, one for a "project" whose deposit fund amount is greater than $150,000]. We will ask for three signed originals of the final Trust Agreement after it has been reviewed.

Trust Agreement template – Deposit more than $150,000
Trust Agreement template – Deposit up to $150,000

The wrap-up deposit required by ORS 737.602 (4) (i) must be placed after Conditional Approval is granted, and prior to the start of the wrap-up "project" [instructions regarding the deposit will be provided by our Insurance Institutions Section]. US Bank is the custodian for wrap-up deposit funds.