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Active bulletins

2024-7: Requirement of insurers to file underwriting guidelines

2024-6: Expectations of insurers regarding explanations of insurance decisions

2024-5: Expectations of insurance producers regarding homeowners insurance underwriting and rating decisions

2024-4: Industry Guidance on One-Time Adjustment of Federal Student Loans

2024-3: Suspension of requirement to file certain annual price increase reports

2024-2: Interim guidance for health benefit plans for Section 20 of 2023 Oregon House Bill 2002 (gender-affirming treatment)

2024-1:Paid Leave Oregon as an “Other Benefit” that reduces Short-Term Disability benefits is currently being revised and will be updated

2023-5: Withdrawal of bulletins DFR 2020-7, 2020-8, 2020-9, 2020-10, 2020-11, 2020-13, and 2020-14
Withdrawn bulletins DFR 2020-7, 2020-8, 2020-9, 2020-10, 2020-11, 2020-13, 2020-14

2023-4: Reimbursement of Nurse Home Visiting Services

2023-3: Producer contact information, communications, and application guidance

2023-2: Expectations related to wildfires and other declared emergencies

2023-1: End of federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

2022-7: Errors and omissions liability coverage for investment adviser firms
To: All Oregon-based state investment adviser firms

2022-6: Errors and omissions liability coverage for state licensed investment advisers
To: All Oregon-based professional liability insurance producers

2022-5: Communications regarding the state wildfire risk map

2022-4: Covering the costs of hMPXV (human monkeypox virus) vaccination

2022-3: Rebuild Timelines and the 2020 Labor Day wildfire disaster
Appendix I to Bulletin DFR 2022-3: Claims Chart

2022-2: Guidance on policy language used in intentional acts exclusions

2022-1: Federal No Surprises Act (NSA) health care provider, health care facility, and air ambulance provider requirements

Previous bulletins (active)

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2021-6: 2021 auto rates and filings for private passenger auto insurance

2021-5: Expediting claims handling and other expectations related to wildfires

2021-4: Guidance on exclusionary language regarding controlled substances

2021-3: Certificate of Authority Requirements for CMS Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model Participants

2021-2: Consumer Disclosure Requirements for Personal Auto Policies with Step-Down Limits
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2021-2

2021-1: Coverage of COVID-19 Vaccination

2020-20 (Revised): Affected areas subject to the wildfire emergency order

2020-15: Guidance for Health Benefit Plan External Review Requests
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-15

2020-12: Implementation of 60-day advance notice of specified prescription drug price increases as required by 2019 House Bill 2658
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-12

2020-5: Withdrawal of Oregon Insurance Division Bulletin INS 2010-01s

2020-4: Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Related to the Use Of Virtual Claim Adjustment Systems and Mobile Applications
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-4

2020-3: Premium Assessments under HB 2010 (2019)

2020-2: Title companies offering continuing education classes in compliance with OAR 836-0800305 to 836-080-0370
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-2

2020-1: Arbitration Clauses, Choice of Law, and Choice of Venue Provisions in Insurance Policies
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2020-1

2019-1: Use of Corporate and Assumed Business Names by Insurers

2018-8: Implementation of Hearing Aid and Hearing Assistive Technology Legislation, 2018 House Bill 4104

2018-7: Regulation of Association Health Plans in Oregon

2018-3: Automobile Insurance Policy Rating for Persons of Non-Specified Gender

2018-2: Implementation of Balance Billing Legislation, 2017 HB 2339 and 2018 SB 1549

2018-1: Accepting Pharmacy or Medical Billings for Vaccinations

2017-7: Special enrollment period for individuals losing minimum essential coverage due to plan discontinuation

2017-6: Guidance for Health Insurance Premium Assessment (updated: 12/1/17)

2017-4: Clarifying Coverage for Marijuana Items and Activities

2017-3: Withdrawal of Insurance Division Bulletin 2011-1

2017-2: Producer Compensation for Health Benefit Plans

2017-1: Contraceptive Extended Dispensing Mandate Administration
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2017-01

2016-2: Exceptions To The Requirement To Present A Pawn Ticket For Pledge Redemption
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2016-02

2016-1: Nondiscrimination Related to Transgender Persons in the Transaction of Insurance in Oregon
Report on Proposed Bulletin DFR 2016-01

2015-2: Life Discretionary Groups

2015-1: Filing procedures for compliance with the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015

2014-3: Filing requirements for long-term care premium rate increases

2014-2: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

2014-1: Mental Health Parity

2013-4: Permissible use of lapse in insurance coverage as a rating factor – Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 742.449

2013-3: Association Coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

2013-1: Coverage Effective Periods for Non-Grandfathered Individual Health Benefit Plans in Oregon​

2012-1: Application of Senate Bill 2 (2007 Legislative Session) to Gender Identity Issues in the Transaction and Regulation of Insurance in Oregon

  • Insurance and Gender Identity Fact Sheet

2011-1 Withdrawn: House Bill 2679 - Implementation of the Federal Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010 (“NRRA”)

2010-4: Credit Scoring Legislation – Senate Bill 377

(This Bulletin replaces Bulletin INS 2010-2, which is hereby withdrawn, and further clarifies when an insurer is required to rerate a policy under ORS 746.661(2)(a).)

2010-3: Use of a Fraud or Misstatement Warning​

2009-10: House Bill 2116 (2009) and the Health Insurance Premium Assessment

(This bulletin provides additional information regarding Footnote 2 to Bulletin 2009-9)

2009-9: House Bill 2116 (2009) and the Health Insurance Premium Assessment

(Withdraws bulletins INS 2009-8)

2009-7: Withdrawal of Filing Procedures for Life Insurance and Annuity Advertisements

(Withdraws bulletins INS 2009-6)

2009-5: Corrections

(Withdraws bulletins INS 2009-1 and INS 2009-4)

2009-2: Unfair Discrimination Compensation Arrangements and Noncompliant Commission Activities

2008-5: Prohibition Against Use of Health Status for Underwriting Associations with Small Employer Groups and Allowable Rating Practices for Associations with Small Employer Groups

2008-3: State and Federal Rebating Enforcement Initiative

2008-2: Application of HB 2007, Oregon's Domestic Partnership Legislation

2008-1: Filing Procedures for Compliance with Provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007

2007-7: Annual Reporting Procedures for Patient Protection Act reports on Grievances, Utilization Review, Quality Assessment and Networking Adequacy

2007-5: Application of NAIC Manuals and Other Publications

2007-4: Withdrawal of Insurance Division Bulletins INS 97-6 and INS 2001-2

2007-3: Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Producers with a Property Line of Authority Selling Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

2007-1: Reporting Requirements for Prompt Payment of Claims Under Requirements of ORS 743.866​​​​

2006-6: Best Practice Organizations

2006-5: General Filing Instructions for Filing Policy Forms & Rates

2006-3: Withdrawal of Insurance Division Bulletin INS 2002-7

2006-2: Withdrawal of Insurance Division Bulletins 82-4, 86-3, 95-4 and 96-3

2005-4: New Legislation - SB 118

2005-3: Marketing Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits and Medicare Part D

2005-1: Prompt Payment of Claims

2004-1: Commission Rate for Small Employer Health Plans

2003-9: Reporting Procedures for House Bills 2987 and 3431

2003-8: Credit Scoring (Insurance Scoring) Legislation - SB 260

2003-7: Change in PIP Benefits under HB 3668

2003-6: Prospective Loss Cost Filing Procedures for Property/Casualty Insurance (other than Workers Compensation) and Loss Cost Reference Filing Adoption Forms

2003-5: Application of NAIC Manuals and Other Publications

2003-2: Reducing Regulatory Burden​​​​​​

​2002-5: (Revised 2/20/03) Sale of individual health benefit plans in the small employer market

2002-3: USA Patriot Act of 2001

2002-1: No Policy Changes Required by 2001 Amendment to ORS 743.186(1)(A)

2001-9: Withdrawal of Bulletin INS 95-5 and INS 96-1

2001-6: Standard Limits of Liability for Oregon Workers' Compensation Policies

2001-4: Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures for Insurance Applications Developed to Allow Depository Institutions to Meet Their Disclosure Obligations under Section 305 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

2001-1:  OAR 836-080-0240 – Standards for Prompt & Fair Settlement – Automobile Insurance

99-5: Addendum to Bulletin INS 97-6 – Life Insurance and Annuity Provisions Relating to Payment of Taxes

98-3: Filing Requirements for Health Insurance Policy Forms, PER ORS 742.003; Applicability of Negotiated Policy Exception

98-1: Reductions of Refinance Escrow Rates to Induce Title Insurance Business

96-4: Contents Corporate Minutes

96-2: Application of the Insurance Code to Health Benefit Arrangements that Include Provider Risk Sharing

94-4: Creditor's Rights Coverage

94-2: Title Insurance May Not Use Schedule B to Add Coverage

94-1: Blanket Insurance

92-5: Rate Filing Procedures for Workers' Compensation Insurance

92-3: Marketing Practices for Paying Commissions

70-4: Reinsurance of Title Insurance​​​​​​