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Conflict of interest

Prescription Drug Affordability Board members abide by a conflict of interest policy to ensure they conduct board business for the benefit of the public and in the absence of personal, financial, or otherwise improper interests. The board abides by the requirements in the following:

Guidance regarding these laws can be found here:

Board members sign a conflict of interest form annually based on definitions in ORS 244.020(1) and (13). Board members recuse themselves from decisions relating to a prescription drug if the member or their immediate family has received a financial benefit deriving from the result or finding of a study, review or determination by or for the board. Board members declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest at the beginning of each board meeting. If board members recuse themselves from voting, the conflict of interest declaration does not need to be posted to the PDAB website. Recused conflict of interest declarations will be documented in the board meeting minutes, which are posted on the board calendar and materials web page

Conflict of Interest Form:

The Conflict of Interest form is for board members to complete and submit annually.