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The 25 most frequently prescribed drugs – 2019 report

The most prescribed drugs based on number of health insurance claims received. These include prescription drugs covered under both pharmacy and medical insurance benefits.

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Common prescription reasons are drawn from the NIH Drug Information Portal and drug manufacturer websites.

Download these combined lists (XSLX) in a single Excel file.


The ranks in these combined lists are based only on the rankings in the lists submitted to the Drug Price Transparency Program by the insurance companies based on pharmacy and medical benefits. If a drug is near the top of one of the Combined Top 25 lists, that’s because it is near the top of many of the insurance companies’ lists as well. The combined lists are not based on any quantitative data such as numbers of enrollees, prescription counts, or dollar amounts.

A detailed description of the method used to create the combined lists can be found at the end of the program’s report (PDF).