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Public Hearings

Annual public hearings on prescription drug prices

Each year the Department of Consumer and Business Services holds a public hearing on prescription drug pricing. The public hearings include state legislators and provide time for public comment. The hearings cover topics related to prescription drug pricing to inform the Oregon Legislature and the public. No pre-registration required.


Highlights and recommendations from the 2022 Drug Price Transparency Report

  • Report highlights of the prescription drug price data collected from manufacturers and insurance carriers.
  • Recommendations for legislative changes regarding prescription drug prices.

Insulin prices

  • Panelists will include representatives from an insurance carrier, a generic insulin manufacturer, and a consumer advocate group. There will also be a presentation about activities in other states.

Pharmaceutical supply chain and PBM rebate transparency

  • Panelists will include representatives from pharmacy benefit managers, prescription drug manufacturers, prescription drug wholesalers, and an independent pharmacy owner.

There will be opportunities for public comment and Oregon legislators will serve as moderators for panel presentations.

Public testimony

We encourage you to testify at the hearing or provide written testimony. Contact us at for any questions you have about sharing your story or the public hearing.

Share your stories

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services is asking for the public's help before the 2022 public hearing on prescription drug prices. The department has set up a brief survey for consumers to share their stories about rising prescription drug prices. Drug prices play a major role in health care decisions of Oregonians and the cost of prescription drugs have steadily increased. The department wants to hear your stories about the increase in prescription drugs and how has it affected you and your family. You are encouraged to report on price increases you have experienced.

Share your Rx drug price story here
Read stories from other consumers

Previous hearings

You can watch the recording of the previous annual public hearings below and see the agendas, slides, and written testimony.

2019-2021 hearings


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