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Prescription Drug Price Transparency program


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The Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, enacted during the 2018 Legislative Session, established Oregon’s Drug Price Transparency program within the Department of Consumer and Business Services. The program is directed by the statute to:

  1. Increase transparency regarding prescription drug costs and prices from pharmaceutical manufacturers
  2. Gather information from health insurance companies on prescription drugs
  3. Provide consumers a way to notify the department on a prescription drug price increase

News and updates

  • Account creation is now open for prescription drug manufacturers on iReg. Click here to establish an account with the Drug Price Transparency program.
  • New specialty drug reporting will begin on Friday, March 15. Reports for new drugs with a wholesale acquisition cost of $670 or more are required to be submitted within 30 days of market entry.
  • Program rules have been finalized. Please see the program rules for more information.

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