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Program overview

The goal of Oregon's Drug Price Transparency program, created in 2018, is to provide accountability for prescription drug pricing through transparency of specific cost and price information from pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurers.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers that meet the definition of a reporting manufacturer are required to register and file reports related to new drugs and price increases that exceed the thresholds.

Health insurers are required to report information about prescription drugs pricing and the effect on insurance premiums.

Consumers are encouraged to notify the program of any cost increases they experience when purchasing their prescription drugs.

The information from pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurers, and consumers is used to inform the annual public hearing and will be included in the annual report to the Oregon Legislature.

Regulatory authority

Oregon's Drug Price Transparency program was established when Gov. Kate Brown signed into law the Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act (House Bill 4005) on March 12, 2018 (Or Laws 2018, ch 7). House Bill 2658 (2019) added more reporting requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The department has issued Oregon Administrative Rules and Bulletin 2020-12 to provide more clarification and guidance to the program.