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Health insurance

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation issued a number of emergency orders and guidance about COVID-19 insurance and financial services issues.

The COVID-19 health insurance emergency order that was issued by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation expired in September 2020. However, several protections remain in place for Oregonians.

For Oregonians who have individual health plans, instead of getting coverage through an employer, the division has reached an agreement with the state’s six health insurance companies that provide individual coverage.

The agreement provides:

  • 30-day grace period for people with individual plans
  • 15 days in advance notice of termination for people with individual plans
  • 15-day grace period to pay the first month’s premium on a new individual policy

Additional protections that are in place for all Oregonians:

  • People who were in a grace period when the COVID-19 orders expired will have their grace periods honored for the full term.
  • Many insurance companies implemented their own plans to help consumers.

The COVID-19 emergency orders provided short-term relief to Oregonians in the early stages of the pandemic. The orders do not relieve the obligation to pay premiums. This means that transitioning away from the orders allows consumers to either work with their insurance companies to catch up on their premium payments or shop for new insurance options.

If you have questions about your specific insurance coverage or financial services account, contact the company that handles your policy or account.

If you have questions or need to file a complaint on an insurance or financial services company, agent, or professional, contact the division’s advocacy team at 888-877-4894 (toll-free) or email or

Visit the COVID-19 consumer homepage for archived information about the COVID-19 emergency orders.