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Banks, credit unions, and loans

The Division of Financial Regulation is encouraging its regulated lenders and financial service providers to take active measures to provide help to people and businesses affected by the COVID-19. This includes offering loan forbearance plans, fee waivers, and other deferred payment options to their customers.

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Information on the COVID-19 webpages changes frequently and is updated regularly. Check back often for the most up-to-date information.

If you have questions about one of your accounts or loans, contact your bank, credit union, or loan provider.

If you have questions or need to file a complaint on a financial services company or professional, contact the division’s advocacy team at 888-877-4894 (toll-free) or email

If you are having trouble making loan payments during the COVID-19 outbreak, talk to your lender about your current situation and find out how they are helping their customers during the outbreak.

The division encourages lenders to:

  • Allow customers to defer payments, extend due dates, or adjust terms of existing loans to avoid delinquencies and negative credit reporting
  • Ease credit terms for new loans
  • Waive late payment fees for 90 days
  • Provide ways for customers to manage their accounts if offices close

State chartered banks and credit unions, and the state’s regulated lenders and loan servicers are expected to not garnish, or apply CARES Act economic stimulus payments to outstanding debts or overdraft charges.

Many financial institutions have been providing this service to customers. If you have an issue, it is important to discuss it with your financial provider.

Overdraft coverage for stimulus payments

If you are worried about being able to keep money in checking or savings accounts, talk to your bank or credit union about your current situation and find out how they are helping customers during the outbreak.

The division encourages banks and credit unions to waive overdraft and nonsufficient funds fees for customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.​​​​​​