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Preneed certified providers

DFR is excited to announce that master trustees now have access to eGov and certified providers can file their entire annual report through eGov. We will be hosting a walk through where we will share detailed instructions on how to effectively use the eGov platform for master trustees and certified providers. Master trustees will be able to submit renewal information as a delegate for applicable certified providers.

Join us for the walk through and discussion on June 10th at 10:00 on teams or at 350 Winter St NE, Salem OR 97301 on the 4th floor.


  1. DFR Introductions
  2. Account and delivered merchandise spreadsheet
  3. Step by Step eGov instructions for annual report
  4. Delegate actions for certified providers
  5. Industry Discussion
  6. Q & A Session

We look forward to seeing you in person and answering any questions you may have.

Join the meeting
Meeting ID: 271 939 405 134
Passcode: mph7Sy
Dial by phone:
+1 503-446-4951,,488841316#
Phone conference ID: 488 841 316#

Preneed certified providers

The division requires certification for funeral homes and cemeteries that sell or administer prearranged funeral contracts to consumers where the money is deposited and maintained in a trust account until needed.

How to apply

  • Complete the certified provider application form in Word or PDF.
  • Provide proof of current business registration with the Oregon Secretary of State
  • Provide a copy of your current Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board license
  • Complete and sign a Criminal Background and Credit Check Authorization Form in Word or PDF for each owner, partner, or manager of the business
  • Submit a $390 application fee

Information for a cemetery that is also an endowment care cemetery

If the cemetery is selling prearrangement contracts for burial vaults and markers they may be required to obtain an Endowment Care for Burial Vaults and Markers Penal Bond with Surety (in Word or PDF) or irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $10,000. For more details review ORS 97.929(1)(c)

If the cemetery is selling crypts or niches that are not in existence at the time of the sale or agreement they may be required to obtain an Endowment Care for Crypts or Niches Penal Bond with Surety (in Word or PDF)or irrevocable letter of credit in an amount equal to 35 percent of the total sales price of all crypts or niches that have been sold if they have not yet been completed. For more details review ORS 97(1)(b)

Annual reports, renewals, and fees

By Jan. 31 of each year, you must submit:

  • A Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Protection Trust Fund Certified Provider Contract Sales Annual Report in Word or PDF detailing your sold prearrangement contracts (report must be submitted even if no contracts were sold). The trust fund provides claim for restitution in Word or PDF to those who prepaid for funeral services and merchandise, but did not receive some or all of them. Payments for restitution are only made if the director finds the obligation is not collectible from the provider and orders the payment.
  • Applicable fee ($5 per each prearrangement contract sold).

By April 1 of each year, you must to submit:

  • A Certified Provider Prearrangement Trust Fund Annual Report in Word or PDF with a summary of your annual trust fund activity and balance.
  • As part of the annual report, it is required that certified providers provide a list of individual account information and a log of delivered merchandise. To assist in collecting this information, certified providers may use this provided spreadsheet template or use their own spreadsheet as long as the information is materially the same. Please note there are two tabs, one for account information and a second for delivered merchandise.
  • An $80 fee or $390 fee, depending on your trust fund balance and the number of outstanding prearrangement contracts. The fee also renews your certification through the following year.

  Certified Provider Instructions for Annual Report and Renewal

Consumer information

If you need help filing a claim for restitution in Word or PDF, call 503-378-4140 and a receptionist will connect you to an examiner who can help you complete the form.