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Prepare now

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Take time now to prepare for disaster

The Division of Financial Regulation encourages all Oregonians to use the resources below to protect your property before disaster strikes.

What would you do if you lost everything in an instant?

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation encourages Oregonians to do three tasks to save time, money, and stress when disaster strikes:

Home Inventory Week is designated to protecting your family by protecting your assets. To recognize the week, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation encourages Oregonians to do two simple tasks:

  1. Build a home inventory.
  2. Make copies of financial documents.
  3. Review your insurance coverage with your agent or company.

Watch this video to see how easy a home inventory is to build. Once your inventory is complete, start building your financial backpack, and contact your insurance company or agent to review your policies.

Even if you are well prepared, what should you do after a disaster? Read this Post-disaster claims guide.

 Task 1Build your home inventory

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Take photos of each room in your home. Pay close attention to what's on walls, in closets, and don't forget storage spaces.
  • Step 2: Write a brief description of each item. Note the make, model, price, and other details that might help when filing a claim.

Tip: Try to group similar items together when taking pictures.

Save time with the
Home Inventory Apps!

Mobile apps can make creating your home inventory easier. Download mobile apps to start building your personal property list.

Download mobile apps for iPhoneDownload mobile apps for Android 

 Task 2Make copies of financial documents

Gather important financial documents together:

  • Passports, social security cards, birth certificates
  • Bank and loan documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Titles
  • Tax returns
  • Will and power of attorney
  • Pet records

Once all documents are collected, make copies or scan them to your computer. Store them on a flash drive, in the cloud, or in one folder. Store them off-site, or put them with your go-bag.

Tip: Use our disaster preparedness checklist to organize your documents

 Task 3Review your insurance coverage

Take time at least once a year to review your insurance coverage. Meet with your insurance agent and make sure you have the right coverage in place to meet your needs.

  • Discuss any upgrades or changes made to the home
  • Confirm your deductibles and policy limits
  • Make sure all the information is still accurate

Not sure where to start?

Call our consumer advocates at 888-877-4894 (toll-free), or email

 Get involved

Use these community resources to share your experience and encourage family, friends, and neighbors to get prepared as well.

Share your story

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Social media graphics

Once you complete your home inventory, encourage others by sharing these ready-made social media graphics