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Portal instructions

Need an iReg account?

iReg is set up with multiple applications, each application requires unique rights to access and report information.

If your company does not yet have an account in a needed application, please contact the specific support team for the application you require access to. Contact information for each application is shown in the iReg contacts area of this webpage.

If you are looking to obtain an individual user account or add contact information to a company that already has user accounts set up for an application please reach out to your company’s account administrator for the application you are needing access to (account administrators will have Manage User rights).

First-time users

Companies new to the iReg system may receive an email from one or more applications with instructions explaining how to set up an initial user that will act as the administrator.  The email will be addressed to someone that the company has designated as a company contact.  If your company requires access to an application but has not received an email please contact us by using the contact information on this webpage.

Managing user rights

  • After the initial administrator has been set up, they have the ability to add, delete, and edit other users and contacts.  An administrator is designated by the “Manage Users” box being checked in “user details” in iReg.  For new companies, this will require coordinating with the specific application area’s DCBS contacts that are listed in the iReg contacts area of this webpage.
  • Each application must have at least one user with “Manage User” rights in order to maintain users and contacts for their respective areas.
  • It is the responsibility of each company to maintain iReg users. This includes ensuring that new users are set up and unnecessary users are removed.

Setting up new and existing users

Users with “Manage User” rights (also referred to as administrators) will set up new users and can also add existing users to a new company. The first time a user is set up in iReg, they need to be set up as a “new” user. If there is more than one company they need access to, they should then be set up using the “existing” user function for the remaining companies. By doing so, they will be able to use the same log on ID and password for all companies.

iReg Contacts accounts

  • Contacts are not people working in the portal. They are any staff that you want to receive automated emails.
  • These emails remind you of key filing deadlines and other important information. Also, we notify administrators when users are added or access rights are changed.
  • The administrator should also be a contact.
  • Add as many other contacts as you want.
  • You can specify which types of notices each contact should receive.
  • Some notice types require that at least one contact receive them.

Maintaining iReg users and contacts

  • It is the companies’ responsibility to maintain users and contacts as staff transitions occur.  Without current contacts set up for the correct applications, automatic iReg reminder notices are easily missed and not received by the responsible party.  Some of the filings have $500 per day late-filing penalties which can become financially substantial in a short period of time.
  • Be cautious about setting up generic emails as a contact, like “”. It is best to have specific individuals set up as contacts with their own business emails so the warning notices don’t get ignored which often happens with generic emails.

Troubleshooting Failed Logon for iReg Due to Possible Bad Web Browser Cookies

When attempting to log into iReg, and after typing in your username and password the application returns you to the login screen with no error messages, it is usually the result of a bad web browser cookie.

Below are a couple recommendations to resolve this issue:

  • Clear the cookies of the browser not allowing access to iReg.
  • Try logging in from a different web browser on your computer.  Examples are Chrome, Edge and Mozilla.

If these recommendations don't appear to work, please email for further troubleshooting.

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Financial Regulation

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Market Regulation

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Third Party Administrator Annual Reporting

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