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Funding assessment

Assessment to fund Oregon Division of Financial Regulation

Each year, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation issues an assessment that insurers authorized in Oregon must pay (ORS 731.804). This assessment, along with fees, funds division expenses for the next fiscal year.

When calculating the assessable premium: 

  • Life insurance includes annuities.
  • Property and casualty insurance includes title insurance but does not include workers’ compensation premiums. Also not included in property and casualty are the federal crop insurance, federal flood insurance, and ocean marine (also called wet marine and transportation).
  • Health insurance does not include Medicare, Medicare Part D, or Medicare Advantage. Also excluded are Federal Employees Benefit premiums.

More information on the calculation of the assessment is listed in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 836-009-0011.

iReg will tally the assessable premium using the previous year's state page. Then, the premium is multiplied by the percentage chosen by the division. Finance charges are multiplied by the lowest percentage. The total is the assessment due for this year. By rule, we do not bill for any assessment that is $25 or less.

Fraternal benefit societies complying with ORS 748 are excluded from paying an assessment.

iReg will show your assessment under the tab labeled Funding Assessment. The assessment coupon and check should be mailed (postmarked) no later than Oct. 31. The address is on the coupon.

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