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Portal instructions

Need a new company account?

If your company doesn't yet have an account, please email the support area for your line of business below.

If you are looking to obtain an individual user account or add contact information please see your company’s account administrator. Contact your appropriate support team below.

Financial Regulation

LIFT - Life Insurance Finder Tool
LIFT Support Specialist:

Market Regulation

ORHIM (Oregon Health Insurance Market Place)
Customer Support:

First-time user

  • Need an activation code? Some companies will not have one. New companies for insurance tax returns, +Schedule P, funding assessments, and Health Premium Assessment will not receive or use an activation code.
  • If you have received an activation number and code, click the new user link on the portal login page. Otherwise, check your email for login instructions.
  • Enter the required information. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Enter the activation number and code that you received from us. Can’t find your number and code? Use the contact information at the bottom of the portal login page.
  • After registering as an account administrator, grant access to as many staff as desired. Only account administrators can access the Users tab to add people to the system.
  • You can only initialize (set up) your account once. Once you enter your activation code, you will return to the login screen. 

Repeat user

  • Log in
  • Select a company, and hit continue
  • For more than one company, select a company and press continue.
  • Return to the Home tab to switch between companies; you can only conduct business for one company at a time.

Managing users

  • Administrators or other users with manage users checked in their profile can add, delete, and edit other users and contacts.
  • Users can only change group assignments for the apps (Taxes / Assessments, LIFT, etc.) where they have “manage users” checked.
  • Select User List, then add a user or add existing user
  • Choose add existing user if you want someone who is already in the system to have access to more than one business or, generally, you want to change their roles and security levels. This allows a user to use the same logon id and password for all companies they have access to.
  • Whether you are adding a new user or changing roles for an existing user, don’t forget to click Save after you make your changes.


  • Contacts are not necessarily people working in the portal. They are any staff that you want to receive automated emails.
  • These emails remind you of key filing deadlines and other important information. Also,  we notify administrators when users are added or access rights are changed. 
  • The administrator should also be a contact. 
  • Add as many other contacts as you want. 
  • You can specify which types of notices each contact should receive. 
  • Some notice types require that at least one contact receive them.

iReg portal login

iReg contacts

Tax Returns, Schedule P, Funding Assessment, and Health Premium Assessment:
Shannon O’Shea, 503-947-7046
Gail McFarlin, 503-947-7218

Deposit requirements or release of securities:

Quarterly health enrollment report:
Spencer Peacock, 503-947-7201

Life Insurance Finder Tool:
Rhett Stoyer, 503-947-7268

Insurer Correspondence, Consumer Advocacy

ORHIM (Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace)

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