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LIFT instructions

Life Insurance Finder Tool directions

Log in to iReg on the Oregon Insurance Division website at Your company's existing iReg administrator can add you as a "user" with authority to manage LIFT. The login page explains how to add a user.

  • Select a company (if you have more than one choice).
  • Click on Continue.
  • Click on the new Consumer Requests tab.
  • See if you have any pending policy search requests. Consumers with requests "pending" 60 days or more may file a complaint with the Insurance Division.
  • View documents the search requestor provided to the Insurance Division. Match pertinent data (Social Security number, date of birth) to your life/annuity policy database.
  • Change the Status drop-down to report your findings (active policy found, inactive policy found, no policy found).
  • Select Update after any change.