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Portable electronics vendor

Limited license required

A vendor may not issue, sell, or offer for sale insurance coverage for portable electronics (cell phones, tablets, etc.) unless the vendor has been issued a limited license by the Division of Financial Regulation.

This limited license is available only to a business entity that sells portable electronics devices.

The two-year license expires on the last day of the same month in which the license is issued. The license class is "portable electronics vendor." The initial cost of a license is $200.

All license and renewal applications are to be submitted through

Required disclosures

You must provide written information about portable electronics insurance coverage to prospective customers. The material must disclose:

  1. That portable electronics insurance coverage may duplicate coverage already held by the customer, including homeowner insurance or renter insurance.
  2. That issuance of portable electronics insurance coverage is not required for the customer to purchase or lease portable electronics.
  3. The material terms of coverage, including:
    • The identity of and contact information for the insurer or the supervising entity that issued the insurance policy to the vendor policyholder.
    • The amount of any applicable deductible and how the deductible must be paid when a claim is made.
    • The benefits of coverage.
  4. Whether the covered portable electronics will be repaired or replaced with a similar make and model; with a new or reconditioned device, accessory, or part; or with a device, accessory, or part from other than the original manufacturer.
  5. The process and requirements for returning portable electronics and any fees that will apply in the event the enrolled customer does not comply with the process and requirements.
  6. That the enrolled customer may cancel the portable electronics insurance coverage at any time and that the person paying the premium will receive a refund of the unused portion of any amount that has been paid for coverage. A reasonable administrative fee of up to 10 percent of the refund due may be charged.

The employee training syllabus must also be filed with the Division of Financial Regulation with the application.

Contact information

A vendor licensed under this section must annually update the Division of Financial Regulation with its contact information. The update must include the following:

  1. The name and street address of an employee, agent, or authorized representative the vendor designates as being responsible for the vendor's compliance with the requirements of the license.
  2. The name and address in Oregon of the vendor's agent upon whom may be served, at any time any process, notice, or demand in a civil proceeding involving portable electronics insurance coverage. This includes a proceeding brought by the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

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