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Long-term care

Required training

Agents must complete a one-time, eight-hour training course before selling long-term care insurance.

Four hours of ongoing training must be completed every two years after taking the initial eight-hour course.

The appointing insurers are responsible for ensuring that their producers complete the necessary trainings.

Key facts

  • To sell long-term care insurance in Oregon, you must be licensed as an insurance producer for life or health insurance. However, agents who are licensed for life and health, but do not sell long-term care insurance, do not need to complete the training. Training is required only if you sell, solicit, or negotiate long-term care insurance.
  • The training must consist of topics related to long-term care insurance, long-term care services, and, if applicable, qualified state long-term care insurance partnership programs, including:
    • State and federal rules and requirements and the relationship between qualified state long-term care insurance partnership programs and other public and private coverage of long-term care services, including Medicaid.
    • Available long-term care services and providers.
    • Changes or improvements in long-term care services or providers.
    • Alternatives to the purchase of private long-term care insurance.
    • The effect of inflation on benefits and the importance of inflation protection.
    • Consumer suitability standards and guidelines.
  • The required training may not include training that is insurer or company product specific or that includes any sales or marketing information, materials, or training, other than those required by state or federal law.
  • The required long-term care training counts towards your total continuing education hours requirement if it is an Oregon-approved course or if training from another state meets the requirements of ORS 744.088(1). However, the appointing insurer is responsible for verifying that a producer receives the required training before selling, soliciting, or negotiating the insurer’s long-term care insurance products.
  • If you are appointed with multiple insurers that sell long-term care insurance, check with each insurer to see if the one-time, eight-hour course meets its training requirements.