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Title Company Marketing Activity Monetary Limits

Under OAR 836-080-0345, the monetary limits for business development activities, gifts, real property information, and miscellaneous things of value set in OAR 836-080-0305 to 836-080-0337 are automatically adjusted by the percentage change from year to year in the Portland Standard Statistical Metropolitan Area Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers. The following table shows the adjusted limits for calendar year 2024.

RuleAdjusted Amount For 2024
OAR 836-080-0320
Miscellaneous things of value
OAR 836-080-0325(1)
Business development activity: 5 or fewer attendees
OAR 836-080-0325(2)
Business development activity: 6 or more attendees
OAR 836-080-0325(3)
Business development activity: new or substantially remodeled office
OAR 836-080-0325(4)
Business development activity: 1st or 10x anniversary
OAR 836-080-0325(5)
Business development activity: Trade association general solicitation
OAR 836-080-0335
Gifts (open house or condolence gift)
OAR 836-080-0337(1)(a)
Real property information