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Mergers and acquisitions

Form A processes in Oregon

An acquisition/merger review has a timeline of roughly six months. Depending on complexity, some transactions can take more than 18 months to review.

Usually, it will take three months to complete a review of the transaction. At that point, the division will schedule a public hearing, with a public notice of the hearing typically being anywhere from two to four weeks. A public hearing is not required by statute, but it is division policy to hold a hearing to allow for all concerned parties to be heard in regards to a transaction.

Once the public hearing is held, there will be a public comment period that normally runs from one to two weeks. At the conclusion of the public comment period, the division will review all comments and relevant information. After this final review, the division will issue an order to either approve or disapprove the transaction.

Statutorily, the effective date of the transaction can be determined by the Director, depending upon the specific transaction.

Depending upon the companies involved and the complexity and size of their organizational structures, there may be more processes needed that would push the review of the transaction beyond the average timelines explained above. Depending on the individual transactions, this could include hiring outside parties to review the transaction, either in whole or specific parts, which would require a bid for Request for Purchase, which can take up to 60 additional days.

The Health Care Market Oversight Program, operated by Oregon Health Authority (OHA), oversees transactions involving health care entities (including health insurers) that meet certain criteria. More information is available at Please contact with any questions. 

Public records

When the division receives a Form A Statement of Acquisition, it is made available online as soon as possible. However, an initial review is required and this can take a couple of weeks.

The division strives to make all public records, including public comment, related to mergers and acquisitions available online. These records can be found at Mergers and acquisitions Form A filings.

Note: The list found at this page represents the most current list of pending and recently approved mergers or acquisitions in Oregon. Sometimes, a company may publicly announce a transaction weeks before a filing is submitted to the division.

Form A filings

Pending & approved

Mergers and acquisitions statutes and rules