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Pharmaceutical representative license FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NIPR allows licensees to put in their required information through a user interface that interacts with a robust back office software that allows the division to track information regarding licensees in an effective manner. The division has used this system for years for insurance producers and it has worked well for those licensees. It also allows the licensee or the general public to look current information about licensees to verify license status. Only information regarding business contact information is available for the public search.​

No. The fee is for a calendar year and is not prorated. If you get your license January 1 or December 20, the fee will still be $750.​

Go to to complete the application. During that process you will pay the $750 licensing fee, plus $5 to NIPR. Once you complete the application, be sure to upload a document regarding your planned business activities in the Attachment Warehouse. See instructions.​

​​Yes, there are multiple sources for help walking you through the application process.

  1. Watch this instructional video
  2. Download and follow the written instructions
  3. Sign up for one of our monthly trainings for industry*.
    *Details available soon​

​Everyone has a social security number and it is the one absolutely unique identifier for every person. The use of the SSN allows us to distinguish individuals from others in a way no other form of data is able to do so. Your information, including your SSN, is secure.​​

​​Yes, any information you enter as being a business contact, including phone number, email address and address, will be listed on the public search. You may want to consider a separate phone line or an app that allows you to have a second phone number on your existing phone to prevent your personal number from being public.​

​​You have to answer them, but you don’t have to answer them truthfully. The NIPR application is a uniform application for insurance producers. They are not required to be answered truthfully for the pharmaceutical sales representative license. The best way to deal with this is to answer the questions “No” to every question. The final “Oregon specific” question on the application needs to be answered “Yes.”​

​​No, any Word or PDF document explaining the planned business activities will be sufficient.​

No. Once we receive your paper application, we are unable to process the information into the database until the payment clears, which can take several days or weeks. Once the payment has cleared, the licensing tech will need to enter the information into the database and answer all of the questions on your behalf. So filing a paper application does not save time and it does not prevent your information from appearing in the public access search.​​​

​Licenses granted prior to the end of 2021 will not expire until 2022. Every year after 2021, any license granted within any year will expire on December 31 of that year. Renewals will open up 30 days prior to expiration to renew a license for the following year.​​

​​​​​Please track your contacts on the spreadsheet​ Excel Spreadsheet icon​ that will then be uploaded as an annual report starting April 2023.

​​Yes, but as the licensee you are solely responsible for the content and the timely filing of the report. ​


Kevin Kemper
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Licensing Technician

Tina Boone
Educational Coordinator

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