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Long-term care rate decisions

Rate decisions

Company Name Effective Date Approved rate Decision Document
Ability/Medico Insurance Company 1/15/2016 20% & 35% Decision
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America 4/1/2016 39% Decision
American Fidelity Assurance Company 6/1/2016 44%, phased in as two 20% increases Decision
American General Life Insurance Company 5/1/2016 70%, phased in as two 30.4% increases Decision
Bankers Life and Casualty Company 2/1/2017 15% Decision
Continental Casualty Company 4/01/2018 88%, phased in over 3 years Decision
Continental Casualty Company 6/1/2017 95.5% Decision
Country Life Insurance Company 2/15/2018 73%, phased in over 2 years Decision
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company 6/30/2017 40% Decision
Genworth Life Insurance Company 3/15/2020 48% to 100% depending on policy form and benefit duration Decision
Jackson National Life Insurance Company N/A Disapproved Decision
LifeSecure Insurance Company 2/15/18 15% Decision
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company 1/15/2016 41% average rate increase phased in over two years as 18.5% and 19.1% Decision
Northwestern Long Term Care Incurance Co. 8/1/2017 27% average, depending on benefit period Decision
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company 3/1/2017 65% average Decision
The Pyramid Life Insurance Company N/A Disapproved Decision
Time Insurance Company 6/15/16 87.6% average phased in over 3 years Decision
Union Security Insurance Company 6/15/16 86.4% average phased in over 3 years Decision
Unum Life Insurance Company of America 11/1/2017 53% average, depending on inflation protection Decision
Unum Life Insurance Company of America 2/1/2018 16% Decision

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