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Avoiding scams

If someone promises to help you negotiate with your lender to lower your home loan payments or save your house, stop. Oregon law limits upfront fees in most cases and requires companies to be licensed. The license number must be displayed in all advertising. Call 866-814-9710 (toll-free) to verify a license.

Scammers use public records to target people who have mortgage loans or who are in the foreclosure process. They also target limited English speakers and senior citizens.

Scammers often:

  • Make themselves look like an official agency
  • Portray themselves as licensed attorneys or working with licensed attorneys
  • Guarantee or promise positive results
  • Set up fictitious websites and toll-free numbers that look official
  • Ask for personal financial information, such as your bank accounts and Social Security number
  • Tell you not to make payments or contact your lender or a nonprofit counselor
  • Advertise on radio, TV, the Internet, or send mail to you

Consumers should:

  • Verify the company is properly licensed with the State of Oregon
  • Contact their mortgage company to ask questions about their loan
  • Contact a nonprofit housing counseling agency by calling 2-1-1 or contacting an agency listed here
  • Contact an attorney only if he or she is an active member of the Oregon State Bar

Consumers should not:

  • Pay money up front for help negotiating with their lender
  • Send the loan payments to anyone other than their lenders
  • Give their financial information before they verify licensing or registration
  • Sign documents or contracts they don’t completely understand

To file a complaint or verify a license, call 866-814-9710 (toll-free)

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