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Avoid mortgage scams

Be wary of anyone who promises to help negotiate with your lender to lower your home loan payments or save your house. Oregon law requires companies to be licensed and the license number must be displayed in all advertising. Check a license or file a complaint online or call 888-877-4894 (toll-free). Oregon law also limits the fees someone can charge to perform debt management services. Learn about the permissible fees.

Scammers use public records to target people with mortgage loans who are in the foreclosure process. They also target seniors and people they think have limited English language skills.

  • Contacts you out of the blue, claims there is an emergency, or tells you to keep it secret
  • Impersonates an official agency or a licensed attorney, with fake websites and toll-free numbers
  • Tells you to avoid making payments, contacting your lender, or speaking to a nonprofit counselor
  • Guarantees or promises positive results
  • Asks for personal financial information, such as your bank accounts and Social Security number

  • Do not answer the phone if you do not know the caller. If you do not know who is reaching out to you, do not respond to texts or emails, or click any links.
  • Double check if you receive a call or email from your mortgage company. Find the company phone number on your mortgage statement and call to verify the inquiry.
  • Question everything. If you do not understand something, do not sign it or agree to it. Ask yourself, “Why is this person being pushy or telling me it’s a secret or a limited-time offer?”
  • Learn more tips to protect yourself from financial scams.

  • Paying money up front for help negotiating with your lender.
  • Sending your loan payments to anyone other than your lender.
  • Giving someone your financial or personal information before verifying if that person is licensed in Oregon. Check a license.
  • Signing over the deed to your property to any person or organization unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt.