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Network Adequacy Rulemaking Advisory Committee

About the advisory committee

The Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) is convening a rulemaking advisory committee that will help to develop administrative rules to implement provisions of the recent network adequacy legislation (House Bill 2468) which will become effective January 1, 2017.

The committee will make recommendations for rules related to:

  • Annual report to DCBS that outlines the insurer's plan for ensuring that the provider networks for each of the insurer's health benefit plans comply with the provisions of HB 2468.
  • Factors related to each of these categories:
    • Consumer satisfaction
    • Transparency
    • Quality of care and cost containment
    • Access to care consistent with the needs of the enrollees served by the network.
    • Insurers can choose to demonstrate the networks are adequate by submitting evidence the insurer is compliant with at least one of the factors developed for each of the categories referenced above. The rulemaking advisory committee will recommend factors to be used when insurers elect this method of demonstrating compliance.

  • Provider directory requirements
  • Nationally-recognized standard adjusted, as necessary, to reflect the age demographics of the enrollees in the plan
  • Consumer disclosures

Public meetings

The Healthcare Network Adequacy Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. The meetings will be held in Conference Room 260 of the Labor and Industries building, 350 Winter St. NE Salem, OR. The meetings can be live streamed at:

Limited time is available at each meeting to present comments in person. Whether individuals submit comments in person or not, all individuals who wish to submit public comment are strongly encouraged to do so in writing via email to


Gayle Woods
Senior Policy Advisor
Division of Financial Regulation
Phone: 971-673-2033

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