Payday loans

Victims of unlicensed payday lenders

The majority of complaints we receive are from Oregonians who applied for a payday/title loan through an unlicensed lender. Below are three Oregonians with their experiences with unlicensed lenders. (Some of the complaints were edited for clarity and brevity).

I took ​out a loan for $300 and have had a $90 fee deducted every two weeks, making the total amount I paid $1,440. Have put a “hard stop” payment for any further ACH deductions as I have paid the loan almost three times over.

In this case, Oregon law limits loan fees to a maximum one-time $30

I took out a payday loan in the amount of $400 and in four months, six debits (automatic withdrawals) were taken from my bank account. At this point, after paying $745 on a $400 loan, I still owed $390. (In an email, the lender) said that they were a party of the General Agreement of the Tariff and Trade (G.A.T.T) so they did not have to abide by state laws, only federal government laws. We were in a financial bind and let me say, this has been an expensive lesson learned.

The G.A.T.T. assertion is false, but is routinely used by illegal payday lenders.

Obtained a $300 loan from this company via Money Mutual. Since that time, I have paid a total of $1,295 for a $300 loan. I have no access to my records on their website and no one at the company will speak to me, yet they continue to debit my account every other week.​​

In this case, this amount is well over Oregon’s fee and annual percentage rate limitation of 153.77 percent.

Remember, all payday lenders offering loans to Oregonians, must be licensed. This list​​ includes lenders that are properly licensed.​

If you have a complaint, call 866-814-9710 (toll-free) or use our online form

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