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Where to get help

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved nonprofit counselors can help you negotiate a best possible solution to avoid foreclosure or seek alternate options to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure avoidance trained counselors offer free-of-charge services. To find the nearest HUD-approved nonprofit counselor, click here.

Companies that charge a fee for help with loan modifications or short sales in Oregon must be registered as a debt management service provider, licensed as a mortgage lender/loan originator, or be a licensed Oregon attorney.

Debt management service providers: Search the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities website for registered companies. Debt management providers must display their Oregon registration number on all advertisements, presentations, communications, and promotional materials designed to promote the debt management service providers. To search for a licensed debt management service provider, click here.

Attorneys: Oregon-licensed attorneys can offer debt management services if these are part of related legal services they are providing to a client, and only while acting as an attorney for the client. Some examples: The Oregon-licensed attorney currently represents a client in a divorce proceeding or bankruptcy proceeding. To check the license of an Oregon attorney, go to the Oregon State Bar.

Real estate brokers: Brokers can offer short-sale services without a registration only if they do not charge any fees over the usual and customary real estate commission. To check a real estate broker’s license, go to the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

Mortgage loan originators: Oregon-licensed mortgage loan originators are exempt from registration as debt management service providers and can negotiate a loan modification on behalf of the homeowner, but only if they provide those services under the company they represent. Loan originators cannot work for more than one company, and the company must be licensed to do business in Oregon. The company and the loan originator’s license number must be displayed in all advertising, including radio, TV, printed media, and any printed materials they use to promote their business or offer their business. To verify a loan originator’s license, go to the National Mortgage Licensing System.

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