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Oregon's Health CO-OP Receivership and Liquidation

Updated: April 6, 2017

Oregon's Health CO-OP stopped doing business in July 2016, and the State of Oregon took over the company's assets to help pay claims and enroll policyholders in new plans. All policies written by the CO-OP were canceled as of July 31, 2016.

On March 1, 2017, the state took an additional step in the wind-down of the business by filing a petition for liquidation in Marion County Circuit Court. A link to the liquidation order is below. The order triggered the state to complete the process of determining liabilities and distributing the remaining assets.

The state continues to work with former CO-OP members and contracted providers to resolve outstanding issues. Consumers and providers should call the Division of Financial Regulation at 888-877-4894 by April 30, 2017, if they still have questions or concerns regarding their policy.

Outstanding claims payments

Oregon's Health CO-OP has mailed payments for claims for services between July 11, 2016 through July 31, 2016, and claims for services prior to July 11, 2016. Please note, providers cannot bill enrollees for payments owed to them by the CO-OP. See page 3, line 8 of the receivership order:

Remaining claims for services before July 11, 2016 will be processed pursuant to the terms of the liquidation order.​​