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I purchase Atrio as an individual, what do I have to do?

Today, no action is needed from Atrio customers. Current Atrio members will need to switch carriers during the open enrollment period for plan year 2017. Open enrollment is Nov. 1, 2017, through Dec. 15, 2017.

Atrio members can find more information at

I am an Atrio member and have had a qualifying event, can I add a new member to my coverage?

Yes, you can add dependents, spouses, and domestic partners to your coverage during the special enrollment period that is triggered when you have a qualifying event.

I am a Atrio member insured through my employer’s plan, what do I have to do?

Nothing, your plan will stay in place through the plan year. Your employer’s human resources department will notify you of any changes to your coverage options.

Will I still be able to see my medical providers?

Yes, your health plan will remain intact and unchanged through the end of the plan year. Your deductibles and copays will be the same, and your providers will continue to accept your insurance through the year.

Will my claims get paid?

Atrio is financially solvent and the State of Oregon has no concerns about their ability to pay claims and meet their obligations to Oregonians.

I have Medicare Advantage insurance through Atrio, how does this affect me?

It does not. Atrio intends on continuing to offer Medicare products.

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