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​Enrollment data

The division collects several types of enrollment data from Oregon health insurance companies. You can find the most recent reports here. The data represents the most current information available to insurers at the time of reporting.

2018 Quarterly enrollment report (1st Quarter)

2017 Quarterly enrollment report

2016 Quarterly enrollment report

Individual market participation by insurer by county

Quarterly reports from 2014 to present


Downloadable data

Individual health enrollment

Small group health enrollment

LG, Association, Trust, MEWA, Self Insured and Stop Loss Enrollment

Quarterly reports from 2010 through 2013


Downloadable data

Note: Each entity that reports enrollment is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information they provide. Information is made available as soon as it’s received. It changes as new entities report, or others find it necessary to revise their numbers. The Division of Financial Regulation strives to ensure the quality of data provided, but cannot guarantee its accuracy.



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