Producer licensing


Pre-license training, 20 hours per line of insurance

  • Price varies by school

Exams (PSI)

  • $45 for single line
  • $55 for combined tests

Fingerprints/background checks (new resident applicants only)

  • $55
  • No personal checks. Fingerprints taken only by PSI.

Initial application

Renewals (resident and nonresident), business and individual

  • $45 paid on time
  • $90 if late
  • Processing fee additional

No fees

  • Address changes, affiliation changes, name changes

Note: Fees are the same for an amendment to an existing license


The Oregon Insurance Division no longer accepts paper applications.

Apply and renew through NIPR. Non-resident adjusters with no home state and third-party administrators renew through SBS.

Address/Name Change Form (1996):
Word | PDF
Affiliation/Unaffiliation of Producer, Adjuster, or Insurance Consultant (2139):
Word | PDF
Continuing-Education Credit for an Unregistered Course (2179):
Word | PDF 
Continuing-Education Proctor Certification (3128):
Word | PDF 
Continuing-Education Proctor Registration (3127):
Word | PDF 
Insurance Experience Qualification Form (2492):
Word | PDF 
Life Settlement Broker Appointment/Affiliation Notice (3025):
Word | PDF
Pre-examination Training Exemption Request (2493):
Word | PDF 
Registration of Authorized Travel Retailer (5111):
Word | PDF 
Temporary Adjuster Permit Application (3901):
Word | PDF 
Termination of Appointment Notice (3003):
Word | PDF 
Voluntary Surrender of Oregon License (5054):
Word | PDF