Insurer financial regulation

Coverage and limits​

Type of Insurance ​Limits of Coverage
Life insurance death benefits ​$300,000
Life insurance cash value  ​$100,000
Annuity benefits ​$250,000
Disability benefits ​$300,000
Long-term care ​$300,000
Health insurance (other than major medical, hospital, and surgical)  ​$100,000
Major medical, hospital, and surgical ​$500,000
Maximum/individual insolvency ​$300,000 or $500,000 (major medical)
Chart limits are accurate for companies that became insolvent on or after May 27, 2011. Before May 27, 2011, some Guaranty Fund limits were lower.​
Not covered
  • ​Most variable life and annuity policies or parts of policies with variable earnings potential. If part of a variable life or annuity policy is guaranteed by an insurance company, that part will be covered by the Oregon Life and Health Guaranty Association up to the association limits. 
  • Any annuity contract or group annuity certificate that is not issued to and owned by an individual. Some pension funds have such investments. A governmental entity's employee retirement plan is covered. 
  • Policies issued by health care service contractors (such as Kaiser Permanente or Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon) are not covered. However, a separate law protects these policyholders. Health care service contracts contain a "hold harmless" provision, which shields the policyholder from collection by health care providers and pharmacies in the event of an insolvency. 
  • Self-insured plans. 
  • Polices issued by fraternal benefit societies. 
  • Interest rates exceeding a certain standard are subject to adjustment.