Financial industry

​Master trustee registration

The division registers master trustees, entities selected by preneed certified providers to administer funds as part of a preneed or prearranged funeral contract. The master trustee must act independently from a certified provider and cannot be a certified provider.

How to apply

  • Complete the master trustee registration application form in Word or PDF
  • Provide proof of business registration with the Oregon Secretary of State​
  • Provide a list of financial institutions used for trust funds received under appointment from any certified provider
  • Provide a five-year work history and complete and sign a Criminal Background and Credit Check Authorization Form in Word or PDF for each owner, partner, or manager of the business
  • Submit a $390 fee 

Annual reports, renewals, and fees

By April 1 of each year, you must submit an annual report in Word or PDF covering the previous calendar year, and a $390 renewal fee. The following no-fee reporting forms may be required depending on the master trustee’s business plans. 

  • Due July 1, Master trustee 2 percent per year reporting form in Word or PDF​
  • Due Jan. 1, Master trustee election to pay administrative fees from trust fund deposits form in Word or PDF​.​


Applications, forms, and reports​

Laws and rules​