Community partners

Dear Community ​Partners:

As a community partner, you can make a difference by promoting the Division of Financial Regulation's consumer advocacy services. Only 35 percent of Oregonians are aware that we can help them. You are able to share knowledge of our services with consumers when they most need it. 

Our consumer advocates help consumers with questions and concerns about all types of insurance: auto, home, health, and others. We help people experiencing claim delays and denials, and issues with customer service and premiums. In 2014, we helped 17,938 Oregonians with their insurance issues and resolved 3,549 complaints. Our efforts resulted in the recovery of more than $2.2 million for consumers.

How you can h​elp

Our community partners are consumers’ first line of defense. By letting your customers know about us, you provide great customer service and connect them to our advocates who can help. If you want informational materials, let us know how many of each you want. These materials are available to download and as a series of potential Web banners. 

If your organization is active on social media, you can support our pages below: 

You are in a unique position to recognize customers’ needs and get them connected with our consumer advocates. 

If you have any questions, or ideas about ways we can partner in the future, contact Kevin Jeffries at or 503-947-7238.

Thank you for your support​,

Commissioner Laura Cali

The division helps consumers

In 2014, the division helped 17,938 Oregonians with their insurance. 

In 2014, the division resolved 3,549 complaints, recovering $2,263,653 for Oregonians.

What this means for you and your cu​stomers​

Our consumer protection services have a direct impact on you and your customers. In 2014, we recovered: $525,000 for auto insurance consumers; $355,000 for home insurance consumers; $460,000 for health insurance consumers; and $225,000 for businesses with insurance problems. That's right, we help businesses with their insurance, too. ​​

Auto body shops might be the first to see that a customer’s claim is being delayed or unfairly denied. 

Home restoration professionals might be the first to realize that the claims adjuster underpriced the cost of rebuilding a smoke-damaged home. 

Insurance agents might be the first to realize that clients are not getting the policy benefits they have a right to.

Physicians are the first to know that their patients cannot get their health insurer to approve a needed procedure or treatment. 

We help businesses experiencing insurance difficulties as well. Whether it is commercial liability, commercial auto, or business interruption insurance, our advocates are on your side and can help you with insurance issues.​​​

​​In 2014, the division recovered $2,263,653 for Oregonians.​