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Retainer medical practice

The state certifies retainer medical practices. In these practices, health care professionals provide patients with specified primary care services for a periodic fee.

To become certified, a retainer medical practice must apply to the Department of Consumer and Business Services and show evidence of its business experience, financial responsibility, and character.

A retainer medical practice must annually renew its certification. There is no fee to apply or to renew certification.

List of certified retainer medical practices

Business plan guidelines

Patient/consumer information

Laws/rules governing retainer medical practice


  • Retainer Medical Practice Application Form: Word | PDF
  • Retainer Medical Practice Biographical Affidavit: Word | PDF
  • Retainer Medical Practice renew through the iReg system, as well as filing a renewal form. An email or letter will be sent annually providing instructions for filing. 
    Renewal Application: Word | PDF


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