Financial industry

Debt management service provider registration 

Companies that help people with their debt must register with the division. Debt management services include debt settlement or consolidation, credit repair, home loan modifications or short-sale negotiations, and budget counseling. 

How to apply

  • Complete the division’s application in Word or PDF and provide the following:
    • A copy of agreement and disclosures 
    • A $25,000 surety bond 
    • A criminal background and credit check authorization in Word or PDF
    • Sample budget worksheet 
    • $350 application fee
  • Provide proof of current business registration with the Oregon Secretary of State​

Fees​ c​harged to clients

Oregon law sets the maximum fees you can charge:

  • $50 maximum initial counseling fee
  • $50 maximum initial counseling or education fee
  • Monthly fee based on 15 percent of the amount paid to the debt management service provider (maximum of $65)
  • Companies that offer credit repair services are limited to the $50 initial fee and the $50 initial counseling fee. No other fees may be charged.​

Written agreements

Once you determined you can help a client, provide them with a budget and a written agreement. The agreement should include a copy of the budget, the services provided, a list of all of the client’s debts, and all fees charged to the client.


Depending on when the application is received, the debt management registration is valid for up to two years and expires Dec. 31 of the year following the year it is issued. You must complete a renewal application in Word or PDF​ and pay the $350 fee every two years. 


Applications, forms, and reports​

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