Financial industry

Collection agency registration​

The division registers individuals or companies that collect third-party debts or repossess collateral, such as a vehicle. 

​How to​ ap​​ply

  • Complete the Collection Agency application packet in Word or PDF and submit the $350 fee.
  • Provide proof of current business registration with the Oregon Secretary of State.
  • Provide a $10,000 or $15,000 surety bond, or irrevocable letter of credit in Word or PDF (see application and the Waiver Request for specifics)​.
  • Provide a five-year work history and a completed and signed Criminal Background and Credit Check Authorization Form in Word or PDF​ for each owner, partner, or manager of the business.​

​License renewal

Approximately six weeks before your renewal date, we will mail you a form with instructions on how to renew your registration. The renewal fee is $120. If you have questions or do not receive the renewal information please call 503-378-4140 and a receptionist will connect you to an examiner who can help you.